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Injured Stray Dog Goes To Vet Clinic To Ask For Help




  • A stray dog was caught on camera as he entered a veterinary clinic in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil.
  • The video later went viral on Instagram as netizens couldn’t help but be fascinated but be fascinated with the smart animal.
  • Clinica Vet VIP’s Dr. Dayse Ferreira da Silva said that dog has a small tumor and they are now trying to raise funds for his treatment.

An injured stray dog recently made headlines after he visited the Clinica Vet VIP in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil to get his injured paw treated. According to veterinarian Dr. Dayse Ferreira da Silva, they spotted the animal entering the clinic door and so they attended to him right away.

“When he came in, he put the injured paw forward, as if to say hello and to show that he was hurting,” shared Dr. Ferreira da Silva in a media interview. “We were surprised because he knew where to ask for help.”

Apparently, the poor dog had a small tumor and a lot of fleas.

The good veterinarian continued:

“He presented me with a paw with a nail embedded in the cushion, causing a lot of pain, which after being cut and medicated, no longer feels pain. After clinical evaluation, tvt (transmissible venereal tumor) was verified, unfortunately very common in street animals, treatable through chemotherapy. It is a tick infestation, for which it has already been medicated.”

Now Dr. Ferreira da Silva is trying to raise money for the removal of the dog’s tumor, along with other medical expenses.

She also decided to name him Quindim plus she’s hoping to find a forever home for the animal soon.

“The most admirable thing is that he came on his own,” she pointed out. “His intelligence is beautiful. I’m sure he will find a home that will welcome him and receive him with all the love he deserves.”

Watch the video here:

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