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Snapchat Selfie Photo-bombed by a Ghost of a Young Girl. Real or Hoax?





Have you ever been photobombed?

Bethany Harvey, a lady from Northern Ireland, probably has the creepiest photobomber ever! Her Snapchat selfie, which is already making rounds online, will give you nightmares for weeks.

At first glance, Harvey’s selfie looks pretty normal. The photo shows Harvey smiling with her nephew and her sister photobombing them in the background.

But a closer look at the selfie will definitely send chills down your spine. Notice the young girl in purple dress in the background? Apparently, Harvey wasn’t aware that the spooky presence was in the room when she snapped the photo.


Photo credit: The Irish Mirror

“A friend of mine came to my house that night and pointed out what looks to be a woman with her hands folded on her knees in the background, baring in mind the picture was taken facing the living room door,” Harvey told Irish Mirror.

Harvey insisted that no one else was with them in the living room when she took the selfie.

What’s even creepier is that Harvey has been sensing some strange occurrences in the house prior to the creepy Snapchat selfie incident.


Photo credit: The Irish Mirror

After sharing her selfie in the social media Snapchat, one of her friends saw the eerie photobomber.

“I don’t go into the living room in the dark anymore because I fear I might see something,” she said.

Do you think the image is authentic? Let us know what you think by sharing it on the comments section below.

H/T: The Irish Mirror

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