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Terrified Couple Films ‘Ghost’ That Scratched Their Baby’s Face

The baby appears to be watching the malevolent spirit walking across her room!


A nanny cam can be truly useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their children in another room. However, one particular camera may have captured a ghost that has been harming a defenseless baby. A terrified couple has shared footage taken by a hidden camera in their daughter’s room and it could be a malicious spirit.

Heather Brough and her fiancé Josh Higgins of Highland, Michigan were shocked when they discovered their one-year-old daughter Lily with three deep “purple scratches” on her face. After deciding that the baby couldn’t probably scratch herself so deeply, they set up a camera in Lily’s room. What they found in the footage appears to be a male figure briskly walking past Lily’s cot before disappearing into thin air.

Watch the terrifying video below:

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Lily seemed to be aware of the ghost in the footage. The baby actually stands up in her crib and watches the male figure walk across her room. However, the spirit seems to disappear immediately, leaving the little girl looking around in confusion.

Brough and Higgins have since contacted a paranormal investigator to look into their house, which actually belongs to Higgins’ mother Kris. Interestingly, Kris has revealed that an elderly lady had lived there before the couple.

The former tenant was mostly bed-ridden because of a broken hip before she was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. Her “schizophrenic brother” then lived in the home until he passe away a few years later.

Could this be the ghost of a schizophrenic man?

Brough firmly believes that the house is haunted and that it is trying to harm her family.

“This is a spirit — I don’t know what its intentions are, but at this point it’s becoming physically harmful. This has made us want to leave as soon as possible. As soon as possible we’re out of here,” Brough said.

Brough also admitted that she sometimes hears a man screaming, stomping, and laughing inside the house. For now, she and Higgins are making sure not to leave their baby alone.


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