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Man Shares Creepy Image He Found In Apartment Building

What did you see at first glance?

  • A man shared a creepy image of a “ghost” in his apartment.
  • The image looked like a student who hanged herself or a floating ghost.
  • As it turns out, it’s not really scary than what it seems.

Nowadays, most people do not believe in supernatural creatures and paranormal activities due to modern technology. However, some people still believe in them after having a creepy experience.

Just imagine when you are doing your own thing and suddenly you saw a floating female ghost right in front of you. Skeptics would say it’s impossible, but that’s exactly what happened to Kantatee Pumnikon — or so it seemed.

A lot of people enjoy watching scary movies or reading creepy stories, while others are too scared to even think about it. But one thing is for sure — even those who enjoy these kinds of stuff would never want to experience it in real life.

Recently, Kantatee Pumnikom, who is from Thailand, has shared a creepy photo he captured inside a building. He initially thought that the creepy image was a lady student who hanged herself in the building. It also looked like he successfully took a snap of a real female ghost with long hair and black dress floating in the air.

After a few moments, Kantatee realized that the image was just pieces of clothing hanged in a creepy manner. If you dissect the picture carefully, you will notice that the “ghost” was made up of a pair of long black pants, short dress, white short sleeve shirt, and a long dress.

Kantatee captioned the creepy image:

“Damn… I thought it was a ghost! Who told you to hang clothes like this?”

Netizens found the photo to be very funny and they’ve since been tagging their buddies asking them to hang their clothes similarly. Others also pointed out that they’ll surely freak out if they saw it for themselves. Some even jokingly commented that they’d probably pee or crap their pants in fear.

As expected, the post quickly went viral as it garnered thousands of reactions, comments, and shares on social media.


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