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Flock Of Stoned Sheep Wreaks Havoc After Feasting On Weed





Cannabis (or much commonly referred to as ‘weed’) is well-known for leaving its smoker feeling woolly-headed. Well, in layman’s term, that’s called being high. Science suggests that its effects can vary from one person to another, but how exactly it affects one depends on a lot of things (e.g. size, health, weight, etc.). Interestingly, a group of sheep decided to munch marijuana and went to experience the best “meeh” in their life.

In a small village called Rhydypandy, Swansea, a herd of sheep got together and went for a hike. Unbeknownst to their knowledge, they were roaming a field full of weed. Thinking it was their regular green meal, they gave in to the temptation and feasted.

The sheep certainly mistook the cannabis for grass.

According to Unilad, the said field was actually a remnant of an old cannabis factory. And because sheep, at the end of the day, are animals, they have no knowledge about the place.

The banquet resulted to a “psychotic rampage” that even the bellwether cannot take full control of. The fly-tipped plants definitely gave them a certain level of “high.”

The common effects of cannabis is pleasant euphoria.

Cannabis' effects differ greatly on people. Some feel hyper, while others experience insatiable hunger.

Unfortunately, the animals caused nuisance to the entire village. The town’s County Councilor named Ioan Richard had this to say:

There is already a flock of sheep roaming the village causing a nuisance. They are getting in people’s gardens and one even entered a bungalow and left a mess in the bedroom.”

Funny thing is, Richard was a bit furious not just because the animals ate the weed. He basically hoped that the they would have eaten the entire array of marijuana.

After eating cannabis, the sheep went on a rampage, causing havoc in the village.

Richard and his team, however, were able to resolve the situation. They subdued the rampage of the psychotic sheep in the entire village.

He also iterated that they “dumped” the remains of the cannabis-growing establishment. They did this after reporting the incident to the police. Well, the “dumping” is surely a sad news to weed lovers out there.

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