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Mother Of Epileptic Boy Vows To Return To Canada For More Illegal Cannabis Oil

Authorities confiscated the cannabis oil because it’s illegal, but she wants her son to live.


They say mothers know best and they will certainly do everything they can to protect their children from any harm and danger. But what if the cure for their kids’ sickness is illegal?

Case in point, Charlotte Caldwell, a Northern Ireland-based single mother, flew to Canada to get Cannabis oil for his son’s severe epilepsy. Billy Caldwell, 12, suffers up to 100 seizures a day and his mom said that the oil has improved his condition dramatically.

Unfortunately, the Cannabis oil, which is extracted from marijuana, is still illegal in the UK.

Source: Pixabay

Recently, British customs officers confiscated the Cannabis oil although Mrs. Caldwell said that the gentlemen were very nice and apologetic. The other officer was even teary-eyed upon taking the oil from her.

Mrs. Caldwell added that the confiscation is going to be a “death sentence” for her son who started to show symptoms of epilepsy when he was only four months old. Her relationship with the boy’s dad fizzled out after the boy’s condition became evident.

She said that the confiscated Cannabis oil was prescribed by the "world’s biggest Pediatric hospital".

Source: Daily Mail

She added that she was too devastated about it and spoke with Home Office minister Nick Hurd, begging to return the Cannabis oil to her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a success. Still, she vowed that she will go back to Toronto to get more of it and she won’t stop until she would be able to bring it to the UK.

The Cannabis oil was originally prescribed by a physician in the United States when she and her son lived there for a couple of years to get help. Mrs. Caldwell said that she felt helpless and recounted the days when Billy “was having hundreds of seizures a day and they could not get them under control.”

Mrs. Caldwell is saddened by the idea that her own country can't offer the medicine that his son needs.

Source: PA

She went on to say that they will continue to keep fighting for the Cannabis oil to be made available in the UK, especially because it’s not for recreational use but for medicinal purposes. Cannabis products are illegal in Britain under the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act.

The Home Office, on the other hand, said in a statement that they understand Charlotte Caldwell’s undertaking. However, they have to ensure the safety of the Cannabis oil first. They stated:

“While we recognize that people with debilitating illnesses are looking to alleviate their symptoms, it is important that medicines are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards so that doctors and patients are assured of their efficacy, quality, and safety.”

Families of eight other kids suffering epilepsy went to the Heathrow airport shortly to show their support to Mrs. Caldwell.

Source: PA

Mrs. Caldwell, who ditched her career in the tourism industry after she gave birth to Billy, was able to raise more than $300,000 USD in ten weeks to help fund her son’s treatment in Chicago. She said that she’d rather have his son “illegally alive than legally dead.”

“We will not stop, we are not going to stop. We are not going to give up. We have love, hope, and faith for our kids. We are going to get the medicine for our children so they might as well give it to us.”

Watch this video to see how this type of oil can help stop a seizure attack:

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