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Weed Dispensary Receives Online Order From Thor Thunder Odinson




  • Thor Thunder Odinson made an online order from a weed dispensary in Canada.
  • This fake ID contains made-up information that all leads and are connected to Marvel’s Thor.
  • Fake Thor was hilariously let down for his order.

Is the God of Thunder, Thor Son of Odin, into weed? Well, that’s what this weed dispensary claims when someone ID’d as Thor Thunder Odinson made an online order. Of course, this was a Fake Thor, but he still pulled a pretty lame try and received not weed, but a hilarious rejection.

Canada has legalized weed for most of its people last year. And since not everyone can just show up in-store to get their share of bag o’ weeds, most of them just make their orders online. Online weed dispensaries have been a thing in the country since the legalization happened. However, identity is still thoroughly checked.

A contributor from Funny or Die shared a funny anecdote about her sister’s encounter at work. Sloane Hughes’ sister who works at an online weed dispensary received a normal order but from an extraordinary customer, Thor Thunder Odinson.

Sloane posted a conversation between her and her sister about a customer, who upon putting an order from the online dispensary, submitted an ID as a Fake Thor. It’s funny how this unnamed customer thought that s/he would outsmart the employees in the dispensary by passing off as Thor, the God of Thunder.

However, the online customer went as far as presenting a fake ID with details like the name Thor Thunder Odinson, born on May 22, 1970, lives at 69 Big Hammer Ln, Calgary, AB, has a height of 6’7” and weighs 149.9 lbs. Well, Bro Thor is way heavier than that now. And even though Fake Thor encounters someone who doesn’t know about Thor, the ID still won’t pass because its expiration dates as May 22, 2017.

Much so to Sloane’s sister’s amusement of this customer, she (and probably deep in Fake Thor’s heart, too) knows that this order was bound to be rejected as stated in the Federal Law. So, she sent a hearty response that would’ve been as hard as Thor’s Mjolnir’s hit to the head, “I’m Thorry, that won’t work.”

Sloane’s reason why she decided to do an official article about this hilarious attempt for the love of weed:

I decided to write about this because I tweeted screenshots of these texts from my sister because I have no self control, and a LOT of publications picked up the story and wrote about it themselves, so it would’ve been dumb not to. While I had to keep my sister and her company anonymous in order to protect all parties involved and ensure that she doesn’t become more famous than me, she has thoroughly enjoyed the fact that this story is literally all over the internet. To my sister, if you end up reading this, thank you for this excellent article fodder, and for not beating my ass when you saw this story on the news.

If you are a living human of today and are aware of social media or film industry, I’d like to assume that you’ve heard of the now highest-grossing film of all time, Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. If you do, then I would again assume that you are aware of Chris Hemsworth’s character Thor. And you’d know he’s an Aussie and the MCU’s Thor lives in the now-displaced Asgard.

Sorry, Fake Thor, but you’re just not worthy.

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