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Instead Of A Diamond, Woman Wanted Her Boyfriend’s Tooth For Her Engagement Ring

This couple’s engagement ring might give you the creeps!


Diamonds are supposedly a girl’s best friend as a famous saying goes, but not for Carlee Leifkes. She wanted something more intimate. Something that is as long-lasting as a diamond, and that is her fiance’s wisdom tooth!

Leifkes and her fiance, Lucas Unger pride themselves in being a non-traditional couple as can be seen by their individual styles, their planned engagement ring and yes, even the plans for their upcoming wedding to be officiated none other than an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas!

Meet the non-traditional couple: Carlee Leifkes and Lucas Unger


Photo credit: Facebook: Carlee Leifkes
It’s a match made in heaven


Photo credit: Facebook: Carlee Leifkes

Even before their engagement, the couple already decided to have Unger’s wisdom tooth as the centerpiece or “gemstone” in their engagement ring. Leifkes has this to say about the very unique ring,

“We’re a very non-traditional couple, and we like to have fun. The tooth symbolizes the weird, quirky, odd couple we are. Every tooth is different, and the tooth also shows what my husband’s willing to go through for me. Lucas literally grew this and went through pain when he got it removed, and all that went into my wedding ring.”

Carlee’s very unique engagement ring with wisom tooth from Lucas


Photo credit: Facebook: Carlee Leifkes

The quirky couple got engaged on the eve of Halloween. Even if Leifkes decided the ring together with Unger, he was able to keep everything a surprise from her by blindfolding her so she wouldn’t see the finished ring when they picked it up from the jeweller. He even tricked her into thinking he was not yet gonna propose on Halloween, which is the date Leifkes really wanted to be their engagement date. “It was funny because I was upset because I really wanted to show my family the ring at the party, and there I am moping around when Lucas gets down on one knee,” Leifkes said. “It was perfect.”

Doesn’t it look exquisite on Carlee’s hand?


Photo credit: Facebook: Carlee Leifkes

Even their jeweller, George Boshaura of Bridwell Diamonds and Jewelry in Los Angeles has this to say about the couple’s ring design, “This was the first time in my 30-year career that I made a wedding ring out of a wisdom tooth,designing it was very exciting.”

And what about the ring for Unger? The couple came up with a matching ring for Unger with the memorable lines of the song playing on a music fair where they first met.

The specialized matching engagement rings of the couple.


Photo credit: Facebook: Carlee Leifkes

Truly, love may be expressed in different forms. We may choose very unique ways of showing it to our partners, but one thing remains the same, it is love, pure and true. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Congratulations to these two lovebirds!


Photo credit: Facebook: Carlee Leifkes


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