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Giant Skull Chair Is Perfect For Halloween – Or For Fans of Creepy Stuff!

I need this chair in my life!

  • ChicsInDesign’s giant skull chair looks like the perfect chair for horror movie fans or simply people who love Halloween.
  • The comfy chair is a beanbag with intricately spooky design.
  • The mouth opens and closes, allowing you to sit and relax in an entirely creepy way.

If you’re the type of person who loves horror movies and all things creepy, we’re sure this is an item that will grab your attention – and possibly pull some money out of your pocket!

With the Halloween season fast approaching, this is exactly the decoration we bet you’d want to get, especially since it doubles as a chair and it looks pretty sick. We’ve recently seen this unique product get featured in several websites and yes, netizens are amazed about it.

ChicsInDesign’s giant skull chair is the perfect chair for Halloween.

As you can see on the photos, the awesome skull chair has a movable jaw that opens and closes.

The product description on the company’s Etsy store further tells us that the chair is actually a beanbag that features a nice graphic that’s been “knitted with colored yarns, instead of printed” and so the design is really impressive so when you see it upclose.

Assembling and disassembling can be done easily so putting it up or putting it away in your home should not be a hassle at all. The cover is also washable.

The chair would be great for relaxing and reading – or for watching your favorite horror flicks!

The spooky chair measures 85cm x 75cm x 98cm (HWD) and is available for £375.76 (thats around US$470). If you have the space for it and don’t mind shelling out that amount, you’d be glad to know that this one comes with free shipping anywhere in the world.

Want one for yourself? We can’t blame you if you answered ‘yes.’


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