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Guy Proposes To Girlfriend Using Ring He Stole From His Other Girlfriend




  • Joseph Davis of Florida proposed to an Orlando woman using an engagement ring and wedding band from his other girlfriend.
  • The woman from Orange County later found out about Davis’ other relation and she later found out he stole her ring, along with other jewelry amounting to over $6,000.
  • Authorities are currently after Davis, whose whereabouts remain unknown at the moment.

A guy from Florida decided to propose to his girlfriend using an engagement ring he stole from his other girlfriend. According to reports, the Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies have issued a warrant of arrest for 48-year-old Joseph Davis.

In their investigations, they found out that a woman from Orange County, Florida informed authorities about how she found out that her boyfriend is engaged to another woman from Orlando. The woman said she saw the other party’s Facebook account and noticed that her ring and wedding band are exactly the same with hers. She immediately inspected her jewelry box and found both pieces missing, along with other jewelry such as her grandmother’s diamond ring. Overall, the stolen pieces had a value of around $6,270.

The two women met ‘Brown’ through the OKCupid dating app.

In an official statement posted on social media, the Volusia County Sheriff’s office wrote:

“Joseph L. Davis, 48 , who went by ‘Joe Brown’ with one girlfriend and ‘Marcus Brown’ with the other, is wanted on a felony charge of grand theft. His current address and whereabouts are unknown. Several photos of him are attached…

“The victim confronted ‘Brown’ about the thefts. She also began communicating with the fiancée and got some of her belongings back. With both relationships over due to the infidelity, the victims began cooperating with each other and with detectives.”

Records also revealed that Davis has an active warrant for a hit-and-run case in Oregon plus he has been previously arrested for using a fake ID, filing a false police report, domestic assault, and cocaine possession.

The last jail where he was imprisoned pointed out that he had a left arm tattoo that said “Only God can judge me.”

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