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Woman Returns £3,000 Engagement Ring To Fiance Because It’s “Too Cheap”




  • A Reddit user asked if he is being “an a**hole” for giving his fiancée a £3,000 engagement ring.
  • Apparently, his girlfriend returned it, saying the ring is “too cheap.”

A guy on Reddit recently shared how his relationship started to turn sour after giving his girlfriend an engagement ring worth £3,000. According to him, his bride-to-be liked the ring at first but she eventually ended up returning it to him, saying it’s “too cheap.”

“My partner and I have been talking about getting engaged for the last year or so,” u/aitaringcheap wrote. “I have quite a good job so could easily afford an expensive engagement ring and if I was following the 10% rule then I should spend around 10-15k on the ring.”

The dilemma here, however, is that his parents, sister, and nephew have all been infected with Covid-19 this year. So he had to help them out with their expenses.

He continued:

“My sister has lost her job so I’m still supporting her a bit and my job has announced that they will be laying off around 150 people next year and while I feel confident that I’m not one of them, I don’t want to guarantee it either.

“So long story short I spent about 3k on a nice little white gold ring with diamonds and a sapphire”

Things started to take an ugly turn when the mother shared her thoughts about the piece of jewellery.

“Initially she was very happy with it until her mother(a jeweller) called it cheap. She has since given it back to me and accused me of undervaluing her and what she does for me.

Now he’s wondering if he is being an a**hole for spending only that amount for an engagement ring.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users immediately commented on the post, with many pointing out he wasn’t at fault at all.

One wrote:

“Mine cost £30 and was from Argos, and do you know what, I loved it. It was what it symbolised and who it was from that mattered.”

Another said:

“It sounds like you and your fiancée were happy before her family members stirred things up.”

Someone also warned:

“If her parents can sway her opinion that much, that’s a huge red flag. And if she also believes that she’s being de-valued because she was given a 3k ring, then she clearly has issues.”

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