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This Cruel Prankster Posed As Santa To Do Something Nice For His Homeless Neighbors





Sylwester Adam Wardega is a well-known prankster who is behind several famous videos such as the mutant spider prank which everyone finds hilarious but a little bit cruel. Surprisingly, he has a very sweet side.

In this amazing video, Wardega dresses up as Santa Claus to give gifts to the people who needs it the most. Instead of entertaining privileged kids at the mall, he did something special that will truly warm your heart this Christmas.

In Poland, temperatures often go below freezing during the winter. Especially at night, many homeless people in Poland stare death right in the face. To show the real Christmas spirit, Wardega helped these less-fortunate folks, dressed as “Santa”, he showed up on the streets with his sack full of warm clothes, winter jackets, and hot food.

Look at the smile on these homeless men and women’s faces, they’re very happy that someone thought about them this holiday season.

Watch the Heart-Warming Video:

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