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Parking Lot Provides Safe Space For Homeless People At Night

This charity believes every person deserves a bed to sleep in – and they’re making that happen for the homeless.

Mark Andrew




  • Australian charity Beddown is providing the homeless with safe sleeping space.
  • They’ve partnered with Secure to place beds in their available parking area at night.
  • The unique project has since benefited many.

Life can be pretty tough for the homeless. Just imagine: these people constantly struggle to find ways to survive and meet their most basic needs. And that’s their regular routine, for the most part – from the moment they wake up in the morning til they decide to call it a day.

Because of lacking many of life’s necessities, they end up getting ill, with not much of an option for employment opportunities. They’d often have to rely on the kindness of strangers as they beg for money on the streets.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of good people out there – such as those from the Beddown organization.

Case in point, this Australian charity made it their mission to help the homeless by providing them with a safe, peaceful place to rest at night. They do this by converting spaces that are only used during the day, such as parking lots, into comfortable shelters for the less fortunate.

According to Beddown founder Norman McGillivray, the idea struck him one night as he saw an empty parking space. It didn’t take long before he was able to turn his vision into reality, with the help of generous donors and willing volunteers.

Beddown believes that sleep deprivation is a serious issue among the homeless individuals and they wanted to address that because “everyone deserves a bed to sleep in,” their official website said.

So Beddown approached Secure Parking in Brisbane to make a proposal and they agreed to do a 2-week trial. Soon thereafter, beds, blankets, and pillows were placed in the parking lots in the evening, offering the homeless with a much-needed good night’s rest.

Moreover, the organization also worked to provide dental, medical, grooming, and social services for the needy. Plus clean clothing were also given for free.

One of the touching feedback they received from one of the guests said that spending a week with Beddown “reminded me of life” and so the person has decided to go “into rehab for 6 months.”

So yes, the organization is giving the homeless more than accommodation – it’s also inspiring them to put their lives back in order.

To support Beddown, you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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