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City in Germany Has Futuristic Pods For Homeless People To Sleep In During Winter




  • Ulm, Germany is currently testing a project to help the homeless during winter season.
  • Sleeping pods have been installed around the city.
  • So far, the community and local officials have shown great support for the Ulmer Nest project.

How do we help the homeless during the winter season? The city of Ulm in Germany has come up with a brilliant solution.

As can be seen in the photos below, futuristic-looking pods are popping up in various areas in the city to serve as temporary shelters for the needy during the cold months. Called the Ulmer Nest, these pods are made of steel and wood so they’re pretty sturdy.

Now homeless people don’t have to sleep on the streets anymore.

The pods have also been equipped with sensors “which can monitor temperature, humidity, smoke and carbon dioxide levels and an electronic verification system so those using it can lock the capsule from the inside,” a report said. “They also have lighting, an alarm signal buzzer and a ventilation system.”

No cameras are installed in the sleeping space to protect the privacy of occupants but once the doors are opened, social workers are alerted so they can have them cleaned and offer any needed help.

As of this writing, the project is still in the early testing stage and it has been receiving a lot of positive feedback.

According to Florian of the Ulmer Nest team:

“We’ve even seen some effects that we didn’t dream of, like neighbors providing the overnight guests with hot tea in the morning and such. Also, city officials were always very supportive and positive about the project, which helped us a lot. And then there’s a lot of those small moments when working on the Nests out in the city, and people come up to say thank you (homeless and not homeless alike). That also means a lot actually.”

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