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Homeless Guy Sells Lime So He Can Feed Street Cats




  • Loong Dum of Thailand recently went viral on social media for his inspiring kindness to stray cats.
  • Despite being homeless, Loong sells lime and spends his earnings feeding stray cats.

It’s often touching whenever we see random strangers helping out the homeless. We’ve seen some of these kind acts go viral on social media and they’re just truly inspiring.

There are, however, certain instances when it’s the homeless themselves who show us extraordinary examples of good deeds. Case in point, one guy recently caught the attention and respect of netizens when his story spread online.

Meet Loong Dum, a homeless man from Thailand.

You see, Loong has been living in the streets for years and usually sleeps at the train station. Despite life’s hardships, he does his best to survive by selling lime.

The catch here, however, is that he doesn’t spend all his earnings for himself. He usually uses some of his money to purchase food for stray cats. And he usually takes care of the cats first before even thinking about himself.

Loong definitely showed the world that anyone can do good things, regardless of one’s status in life.

As the less fortunate man said in an interview:

“I’m fine with skipping meals, but the cats need to eat.”

Fortunately, Loong’s kindness to the animals didn’t go unnoticed as Warunta Wattanasupachoke bought some of his products and even posted about his story online.

The young woman took it upon herself to encourage others to buy lime from Loong and many eventually responded. Much to his delight, some people even donated food for him and his beloved street pets.

Moreover, someone also gave Loong a haircut and some clothes.

Needless to say, Loong is a living proof that we should never judge a book by its cover.

“Though he is homeless and rugged-looking,” said Warunya about him, “he has a big heart.”

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