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Saudi Censored Ad Turns Woman into an Inflatable Ball

What’s going on here?


Some Twitter users have been busy talking about a controversial censored ad shared by Saudi Arabian hardware giant SACO. The retail company posted to their official Twitter account, @Saco_KSA, an advertisement for swimming pools. The swimming pool shown in the particular promotion is manufactured by Intex Corp, a California-based company.

The altered image used for the ad has raised some eyebrows, not because of the actual product but because of the models. The photo shows a family – a father with three children – fully clothed while in an outdoor pool. But that’s not where the strangeness of this ad ends.

An ad posted by Saudi Arabaian hardware giant SACO has been garnering a lot of reactions from online users.

Source: @Saco_KSA

Upon close inspection, people noticed that the faces of the man and the children have been pixelated. And the ball that’s on the right side of the frame? Well, it turns out that the ball used to be a woman in the original photo. Yes, the woman was replaced with a ball and its reflection in the water.

Some users reacted negatively to the post, calling the censored ad ridiculous because of all the changes made to the image, especially to the woman who was omitted. To others, though, it didn’t come as a surprise.

Users also shared the original photo that was altered in the making of the ad.

Saudi Arabia has been known to omit women from its ads. In some cases, women are included, but only their eyes are shown. In 2012, IKEA was called out for photoshopping women out of its Saudi Arabia catalogue. The Swedish furniture giant later apologized, saying that “excluding women from the Saudi Arabian version of the catalogue is in conflict with the Ikea Group values.”

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Canadian Man Continues Mowing The Lawn Despite Tornado In The Background

This guy is a honey badger — “badass honey badger don’t care.”

Some people just have this sheer determination and focus that nothing can ever stop them from accomplishing their goals. One such man is a Canadian who became a viral sensation after his wife took a photo of him mowing the lawn despite the looming tornado behind him.

Theunis Wessels clearly didn’t budge when there was a huge tornado just outside his property. When the dark clouds started to gather on Friday evening, the Three Hills, Alberta resident just wanted to focus on mowing the lawn and finishing it. It’s just one of the chores he has to complete and no tornado would stop him from doing just that.

Wessels told CTV News:

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Some Creative Genius is Adding Googly Eyes to Broken Street Objects in Bulgaria

He’s an eyebombing master.

Eyebombing is an art form, no doubt. Not everyone has the eye for spotting objects to which you can attach googly eyes and create a new image altogether. Not to mention it's just really fun.

The cheeky street art trend has reached the streets of Sofia in Bulgaria. The culprit? Forty-two-year-old photographer Vanyu Krastev. Krastev has been sticking googly eyes to old and rusty objects he finds in the area, like lamp posts and trash bins, to liven up an otherwise dull walk down the street. He also sometimes attaches googly eyes to street stains.

Photographer Vanyu Krastev has an eyebombing project in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Thief Robs Wrong Convenience Store Where Everyone Was Armed

Talk about an epic fail!

This is a perfect demonstration of how guns could be used for both good and bad. In the viral video that you will see below, an armed man failed after attempting to rob a convenience store because of one huge mistake – the store he targeted was full of male customers who each had their own guns as well.

Well, talk about an epic robbery fail! Clearly, he didn’t see this coming – and he got exactly what he deserved.

These guys were at a convenience store when an armed robber suddenly busts into the place.

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