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Saudi Government App That Tracks Women’s Movement Available for Free on iOS and Android

The Absher app allows men to track a female’s travels and more.


Women already have a hard time doing anything in Saudi Arabia. For instance, they aren’t allowed to be seen in public without a male escort. However, men have found a new way to make sure that their female relatives will not be able to do anything without being recorded. A new application that tracks a woman’s every move is currently being hosted by Apple and Google.

The app called Absher actually serves as an e-government and e-services portal. It makes requesting a passport, birth certificate, vehicle registration, or other documentation much easier. However, the Saudi Interior Ministry-designed app has also been revealed to be used by men to restrict women from crossing borders. In addition to that, men are allowed to restrict a woman’s travel options.

Absher is free and readily available both on iOS and Android.

Source: Google

Needless to say, people are not happy with both Apple and Google for making Absher readily available on their platforms. Amnesty International issued a statement addressing both companies.

“We call on Apple and Google to assess the risk of human rights abuses on women, which is facilitated by the App and mitigate the harm that the App has on women. The use of the Absher app to curtail the movement of women once again highlights the disturbing system of discrimination against women under the guardianship system and the need for genuine human rights reforms in the country, rather than just social and economic reforms.”

As of writing, Absher is still available on iOS and Android.

People believe that the app violates human rights.

Rothna Begum, a Human Rights Watch senior researcher on women’s rights, said that the app was “really designed with the men in mind.”

“Of course, it’s incredibly demeaning, insulting and humiliating for the women and downright abusive in many cases, because you’re allowing men absolute control over women’s movements,” she said.

Apple and Google have not yet commented on the availability of the app on their platforms.


New Jersey Officially Adds ‘Gender-Neutral’ Option To Birth Certificates

Parents can now register their newborns as “male, female, or undesignated/nonbinary.”

In a move that has since gained a lot of public reaction, New Jersey has recently introduced a gender-neutral option to birth certificates. According to reports, the new law officially starts getting implemented February 1 and so parents now have the choice to register their newborns as male, female, or undesignated/nonbinary.

Apparently, New Jersey isn't even the first state in the United States to introduce such a change as it joins California, Oregon, Washington, and New York City. The new bill aims to expand on the state's transgender rights.

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Major DNA Testing Company Is Now Sharing Your Genetic Data With FBI

The FBI might finally get to solve several cold cases but the new access to a private genealogy database is also causing concern.

Have you ever tried using a home-testing kit to trace your ancestry or locate your relatives? The Federal Bureau of Investigations probably already has your genetic data. A major DNA testing company has just confirmed that they are now sharing their vast genealogy database with the FBI.

Family Tree DNA is one of the largest private genetic testing companies that allows users to trace their own ancestry at the comfort of their own homes. The instant accessibility makes them a huge hit among curious consumers who then add their own genetic data to the company's database. Because of their extensive genealogy database, the FBI has reached out to Family Tree DNA for access - and it has been granted.

The move could be groundbreaking in solving cold cases but is also causing concern.

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Muslims Urged to Boycott M&S Toilet Tissue Because It Has Allah Symbol On It

An Arabic customer urges his ‘brothers and sisters’ not to buy the toilet paper because ‘every toilet tissue has the name of Allah on it’.

The people at Marks & Spencer must have scratched their heads when a customer claimed that the toilet paper that they sell has the Arabic script for Allah. The customer made a video showing the supposed script on the store’s 3-ply toilet paper.

The customer, an unidentified man, took a video of one roll of the £2.50 tissue pack. The customer said on the video:

"Recently I bought toilet tissue from Marks & Spencer and when I opened one of them, it has the name of Allah, as you can see.

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