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15 Unbelievable Photography Tricks That Make Food Look Yummy





Ever noticed how the hamburger you ordered in a fastfood looks a bit different than the one you see on their posters? They don’t look as yummy, right? We all know the feeling and we couldn’t help but feel betrayed sometimes. It’s like we didn’t get what we paid for and we’ve become victims of false advertisement.

Well actually, there’s a big secret behind this. As it appears, photographers and advertisers use every clever (and gross, if you think about it) trick in their sleeves just to make food look good in the ads.

Check out the compilation below and see for yourself:

#1. Spraying deodorant on fruits.

Yes, that’s what they do to keep fruits shiny. Aside from deodorant spray, hairspray is sometimes an alternative to achieve the same purpose.

#2. Engine oil and pancakes.

Source: Gigabiting

Instead of using real syrup, photographers go for engine oil since it doesn’t get absorbed too quickly.

#3. Shoe polish for burger patties.

Speaking of those burgers, yes, shoe polish is applied to make the patties stay big and juicy after roasting.

#4. Glycerin on seafood.

To retain the freshness of seafoods, photographers use a mixture of glycerol and water.

#5. Glucose syrup and noodles.

Meanwhile, glucose syrup is used to to prevent noodles from drying quickly.

#6. Cake with cardboards.

Source: svpressa

This one requires no explanation. So yeah, we’ll let the photo do the talking!

#7. Liquid soap on liquor.

Now we know why that beer is always bubbly.

#8. Mashed potatoes as ice cream substitute.

Obviously, ice cream melts too fast when they’re getting photographed under hot studio lights. So the solution? Use mashed potatoes and just color them accordingly.

#9. Shaving cream as whipped cream alternative.

The same can be said about whipped cream, of course. So shaving cream saves the day during food photoshoots.

#10. Fake ice cubes.

Ever heard of reusable ice cubes? Sure, they’re not the real deal but the good news is you can actually use them for your drinks.

#11. Glue for cereal.

How do the ads keep cereal floating without sinking? Simple. Photographers use white glue instead of milk.

#12. Sodas and antacids.

With this secret trick, photographers can have bubbles anytime during a shoot.

#13. Chicken and paper towels.

For the most part, the chicken we see in ads aren’t grilled but only heated minimally, painted, and then stuffed with paper towels to make it look all thick and yummy.

#14. Wax sauces.

That’s exactly why they look consistently colorful!

#15. Fake steam.

As far as steaming food goes, photographers sometimes moisten cotton balls and then place them inside a microwave. Afterwards, they put the dish inside to achieve the desired effect.

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