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Pizza Is Healthier For Breakfast Than Cereals, Expert Says

There’s another reason to love pizza even more!


If you’re looking for a healthier breakfast option, ditch your cereals. Apparently, eating a slice of pizza for breakfast is healthier than munching on your Cheerios, according to a dietician.

A popular nutritionist and blogger, Chelsey Amer said that eating pizza for breakfast isn’t just for those who are severely hung over, or those who are too lazy to prepare food in the morning.

It’s actually a healthier option than eating a bowl of cereals and milk.

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It won’t come as much surprise because recently, many studies and shows have highlighted the excessive sugar content of breakfast cereals.

Amer said in a statement:

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories.”

“However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

Yes, you’ve heard it right, pizza contains proteins, carbohydrates, and some vegetables.

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It also contains cheese, which is now being dubbed as the next superfood.

The pizza may not be your most nutritious option for breakfast.

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But compared to a bowl of high-sugar cereals, it’s a more balanced meal. For sure, a slice of pizza can keep you full in the morning than cereals, which can give you a quick sugar crash.

Amer added:

“Plus, a slice of pizza contains more fats and much less sugar than most cold cereals, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash.”

On the other hand, dietician, Keri Gans, said that a bowl of cereals can be a nutritious option for breakfast, too, as long as you’re smart about it. Choose products that are packed with fiber and low in sugar.

“If you choose the right cereal that’s packed with fiber, it may help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar,” Gans says. This helps keep your appetite in check — and helps fend off mid-morning hunger pangs.”

“Check the nutrition panel: If it has 3 grams of sugar or fewer, and at least 6 grams of fiber, you’re in good shape.”

Also, he suggests being more creative and smarter when it comes to your toppings.

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Choose berries and fruits, which are rich in vitamins. You can also add nuts, chia seeds or even yogurt.

Now, we have a reason to eat pizza on lazy mornings. But, remember guys, don’t make pizza your breakfast staple — that’s another story!


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