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Vegan Guy Gets ‘Traumatized’ After Eating Vegan-Pizza With Ham

“I felt shame and pain for the animal.”

  • Patrick Hukins, a vegan man, fell ill after eating real ham from a plant-based pizza he bought at Doomino’s.
  • The company has since apologized about the error, promising that they will do their best to avoid similar mistakes.

A vegan guy recently went viral after sharing about how disappointed he was with his dining experience at a local Domino’s. According to him, he was left feeling “betrayed” because of the store’s mistake.

As the reports tell us, Patrick Hukins of Sydney, Australia ordered a plant-based pizza but the crew still served him one with ham. He was really suspicious about the topping and so he asked them about it but was told it was not real ham.

So he ate the whole thing. The problem, however, is he eventually ended up getting sick because of it.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Patrick described that he “had a horrible sinking feeling” that the ham in question was indeed animal meat. “I felt shame and pain for the animal…” he said. “I was shocked.”

Patrick, who has embraced the vegan lifestyle for 4 years, also pointed out that eating meat without his knowledge or consent felt like an attack against his values. So he decided to get in touch with Domino’s via Facebook to tell them about the problem. Despite showing them pictures of his order, he said Domino’s still took the side of their employees.

When Domino’s was contacted by the Daily Mail, a spokesperson admitted that it was all an “inadvertent mistake” and assured the public that the pizza chain is committed to providing their customers with 100% satisfaction.

The company also said that they want to “publicly apologize” to Patrick and encouraged other customers who may have had similar experiences to let the know as well.

The spokesperson likewise added that Domino’s is as one of the biggest vegan food sellers in the country and that they will use this incident as a learning experience for their staff.


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