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Students Have Not Tried Pizza Before, So Teacher Bakes For Them

“Food makes me happy, so I make people happy by giving them food. “


Pizza is undoubtedly one of the easiest and quickest food to buy when you’re hungry. It is also safe to say that pizza is almost everyone’s favorite food.

While most of us can easily buy a slice or two, or even a whole box of pizza, some people have not tried it. But luckily for these students who had no idea what pizza tastes like, their teacher took the initiative to bake for them so they could try one of the world’s most popular food.

Alia Nadiera teaches Standard 2 students in a rural school located in Sarawak, Malaysia.

When she was teaching about various foods around the world, Alia asked her class if anyone has tried pizza before. To her surprise, nobody raised up their hands. One student then shared that they never got the chance to try it out.

Alia tweeted:

“Pizza is something really high-end for them. I felt very sorry for them. Even if they were to go to Pizza Hut, the nearest outlet would be two hours away.”

Alia then decided to bake mini homemade pizza for her students with the help of her mom. They made a total of 32 pieces, and the kind teacher handed them out the next day.

She said:

“I hope that this is enough to give them their very first pizza experience. Food makes me happy, so I make people happy by giving them food. That’s what I always do.”

Alia then shared photos of her students eating her homemade pizza, and it seems that they liked it a lot as they can be seen smiling while taking a bite.

Teachers are our second parents because they take good care of us while we’re away from home. Alia definitely showed her maternal instinct to her young students by giving them an unforgettable experience that they would cherish forever.


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