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Photographer Takes Adorable Photos Of Bees Sleeping In Flowers





People know that bees are hard workers throughout the day. But what do they do after a long day collecting pollen? While some bees always come back home to their hive, a certain bee species likes to nap inside flowers! One photographer made the awesome discovery and captured some truly amazing photos of the insects snoozing in their brightly-colored beds.

Joe Neely actually came across the napping bees by chance. The wildlife photographer and his fiancé Niccole were taking photos of poppy flowers when they saw some pink flowers off the highway. When Niccole reportedly started taking snaps of the pink flowers, she also noticed that several bees were buzzing around the orange flowers nearby. That’s when the couple realized that the bees were settling in for the day.

As it turned out, Joe and Niccole had come across some Globe Mallow Bees (Diadasia diminuta) who collect pollen from the orange globe mallow flowers. Although the bees do create nests on the ground, it looks like they also love to take naps in their favorite flowers.

In his Instagram post, Neely pointed out that the picture of two bees snuggling together was truly amazing.

“There were several other flowers with occupants but these two made for such a sweet and beautiful composition where they seem to be holding hands. I take a lot of nature and wildlife photos but this one is truly unique,” he wrote.

The images are truly stunning and offer an awesome insight into how bees behave. It’s clear that, like humans, bees also enjoy getting some snooze time and cuddling with their friends.

You can see more of Neely’s photography on his website. The photos can also be found on Facebook. Follow Neely on Instagram @jmneelyphotography.

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