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Papa John’s Create Tiny Pizzas Meant for Bees




  • Bees are currently in a vulnerable state and people are trying to figure out ways to help the insects increase their numbers.
  • Papa John’s decided to create the beeza, which are tiny pizzas that are made especially for bees.
  • The mini pizzas are intended to help spread awareness about bees.

Pizza might be everybody’s favorite food and now the bees can get a taste of what humans truly love. Papa John’s has created adorable little pizzas for the busy buzzers. Amazingly, these tiny pizzas could eventually help bees in increasing their numbers and, hopefully, in saving the environment.

Papa John’s has introduced the beeza, which are basically tiny pizzas that are approximately just one inch in diameter and are specially made for bees. Instead of your standard pepperoni and cheese, the beezas are topped with wildflowers as well as a mix of local pollen, rosemary, and thyme.

The beeza is the creation of Thom Whitchurch, who worked with Papa John’s to come up with a recipe that would be irresistible to bees. Needless to say, the tiny pizzas truly look like the perfect treats for bees.

People might be tempted to try the beeza but sadly, it is not available for purchase. Papa John’s intends to use the beeza to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. With this program, they will give out packs of native wildflower seeds. This should allow customers to grow their own plants which in turn will attract the bees.

Giles Codd, Papa John’s UK marketing director, released a statement about the importance of bees.

“Bees are fundamental to the making of pizzas, so we wanted to give them a slice of the action and create one perfect for them whilst raising awareness of the well-publicised issue of declining bee populations both here in the UK and across the globe,” he said.

Bees are currently vulnerable but fortunately, more people are slowly spreading awareness on how to help the insects.

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