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Philando Castile, the Black Man Shot by a Police had a Lengthy of Traffic Offenses

Unbelievably, Castile had a lot of traffic offenses, accused and convicted, since he was 17.






Remember Philando Castile? The black man who was killed by a Minnesota cop that was streamed live by his girlfriend? It was revealed that he faced a lengthy of traffic offenses when he was still alive, which started since he was 17.

A publication unveiled that it was not the first time that Castile had been stopped by the police. He was already pulled over for about 31 times for the past 14 years and pressed with a number of misdemeanors.

Philando Castile and his Girlfriend


His wrongdoings were listed as speed driving, violation of not wearing a seatbelt, driving after a revocation, can’t issue insurance, illicit use of original plate and a lot of parking offenses.

All in all, his misdeeds were numbered 31 cases, resulting in 63 charges typically for minor traffic violations.


In Ramsey County, where Castile lived, Castile had the following traffic offenses on his record, according to a search of Minnesota criminal and petty court records:

  1. 1. Violate instr permit – dismissed
  2. No proof of insurance – guilty
  3. Basic speed – guilty
  4. Driving after suspension – dismissed
  5. No proof of insurance – guilty
  6. No seat belt use – dismissed
  7. No proof of insurance – guilty
  8. Impede traffic – dismissed
  9. No Minnesota driver’s license – amended charge guilty
  10. Driving after suspension of driver’s license – convicted
  11. No proof of insurance – dismissed
  12. No proof of insurance – convicted
  13. Driving after revocation – dismissed
  14. Driving after suspension – dismissed
  15. No proof of insurance – guilty
  16. Speeding – dismissed
  17. Driver’s license – failure to obtain new – dismissed
  18. Muffler required – dismissed
  19. Driving after revocation – guilty
  20. Operation of motor vehicle after loss of license prohibited – dismissed
  21. Dangerous public road/water – convicted
  22. Driving after revocation – convicted
  23. No proof of insurance – dismissed
  24. Driving after revocation – convicted
  25. Seat belt violation – dismissed
  26. Driving after revocation – convicted
  27. Proof on insurance – dismissed
  28. Driving after revocation – convicted
  29. Driving after revocation – convicted
  30. Driving after revocation – convicted
  31. Seat belt required – convicted
  32. Seat belt required – convicted
  33. Driving after revocation – convicted
  34. Driving after revocation – convicted
  35. Driving after revocation – convicted
  36. Driving after revocation – convicted
  37. Driving after revocation – convicted
  38. Driving after revocation – convicted
  39. Stop/stand/park vehicle at any place where official signs prohibit stopping – convicted
  40. Expired registration – dismissed
  41. Snow emergency parking restrictions – convicted
  42. Stop/stand/park vehicle on any street/ally, at the same location, for more than 48 consecutive hours – convicted
  43. Abandon motor vehicle on any public/private property without consent – convicted
  44. Stop/stand/park vehicle on any street/ally, at the same location, for more than 48 consecutive hours – convicted

In Dakota County, he also had some traffic offenses:

  1. Driving after suspension – guilty

In Hennepin County, Castile had these violations:

  1. Driving after revocation – convicted
  2. Display altered/fictitious insurance card – dismissed
  3. Driving after revocation – convicted
  4. Seat belt required – dismissed
  5. Uninsured vehicle – convicted
  6. Driving after revocation – dismissed
  7. Seat belt required – dismissed
  8. Impromper display original plate – convicted
  9. Seat belt required – convicted

There were two drug incidents listed on Castile’s record, but both were listed as dismissed by the court system:

  1. 1. Possess marijuana in motor vehicle – dismissed
  2. Drugs – possess over 1.4 grams of marijuana in motor vehicle – dismissed



Castile was found guilty of the 43 accused. He was even convicted and paid hundreds of dollars for fines. The 25 of the said cases were handled by the police of Ramsey County.

Philando Castile


In January this year, Daily Mail noted that Castile was charged by leaving his car behind a “public/private property without consent” twice. He was indicted for another parking offense and found guilty of violating “snow emergency parking restrictions” all in the same month.

He also faced a conviction for stopping his car illegally and arraigned for expired registration. But, the most serious of them all was when he was caught for carrying over 1.4 grams of marijuana inside his vehicle. Although, it was dismissed.

Justice for Philando Castile


Evidently, Castile often dealt with the police over his extensive traffic offenses. However, his relatives believe that he had been an often victim of the cops by being a DWB or “Driving While Black.”

It was also questioned if the police who were pulling Castile over treated him fairly or unjust. His lengthy of violations even raised a doubt if the black community has been a target of the Minnesota police to increase its income.

Watch the video recorded by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, of the shooting incident.

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