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Black Man Gets Harassed By Police For Wearing An Expensive Watch

A heavily-armed police officer told a black man he “looks suspicious” for wearing designer watch and crocs.

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A video recently went viral showing a black man wearing gray sweatpants, black Crocs with pink socks and a gold watch on his wrist. In the footage, a heavily-armed police officer can be seen approaching him as he sat inside a transport hub.

“What is the problem? Why am I being approached?” the man can be heard saying.

The officer told the man that he looks “suspicious,” because he is wearing a “really nice watch…” yet he was “wearing Crocs.”

The man was stunned at the officer’s explanation.

“Are you… You’re deada**… because I’m wearing Crocs and I have on a Michael Kors watch, that’s suspicious?”

“For me it is,” the officer replied, telling the man that the “stuff you’re wearing doesn’t fit with one another.”

The man complained that he was being racially profiled, which the police officer strongly denied.

“I’m definitely being… did you hear a word that just came out your mouth? You literally just said that I look suspicious, because I have on my watch and a pair of Crocs. I’m definitely being profiled… and I’m literally not, I’m not bothering anybody.”

As of the moment, it is still not clear where or when the encounter actually took place. According to Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney who uploaded the video on Twitter, it was filmed by a black man.

The video has since amassed around 110,000 views and has circulated widely on social media.

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