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Man Observes Social Distancing by Walking Around Town in a Huge Plastic Bubble

He brings social distancing to the next level.

Ann Moises




  • A man who wants to protect himself against the coronavirus while in public decided to take it up a notch.
  • He walked the streets encapsulated in an inflatable plastic bubble.
  • This whimsical act reportedly occurred after Victoria recorded 532 new cases and Premier Daniel Andrew threatened to close down entire industries in the future due to the virus.

In Australia, a man observed social distancing in a rather peculiar way. Although he neither had shoes nor a mask on, he walked the streets of a town while inside a huge plastic bubble last Friday.

The Victorian man from Belgrave, a suburb 47 km east of Melbourne, shouted, “I’m the man in the bubble!” One of the locals posted the video on Facebook as the man’s humorous act “made every one smile.”

Bystanders spotted the man going around town in his own travel bubble.

The video immediately went viral and netizens quickly shared their positive reactions online.

One person commented, “I’m actually laughing so hard.” Another one said, “How Victorians are reacting to the lockdown.” “Safe option. Maybe everyone in Melbourne should travel in one of these,” stated another.

Premier Daniel Andrew threatened to close down entire industries as a restrictive measure in the future to prevent further spread of the virus. Victoria reportedly recorded 532 new Covid-19 cases. Five geriatrics in aged care and a man in his 50’s died, consequently increasing the death toll by six overnight. 245 people are hospitalized; 44 of which are in intensive care.

The restrictions in Australia vary. Those in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are under strict lockdown. On the other hand, the law doesn’t require residents outside the metropolitan to wear masks.

“You will not be fined if you don’t wear one,” said the Chief Health Officer in a statement. However, he still recommends that they wear masks.

Watch the video here:

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Mika Castro



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