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Guy’s Lung Collapses After Singing Too Many High Notes During Karaoke




  • A man was rushed to the hospital after he complained of chest pains during a marathon karaoke session.
  • It was revealed that the man’s lung had collapsed after he sang 10 high-pitched songs in a row.
  • The man is advised not to sing too many high notes to allow his lung to rest.

Some people really love singing but one man may have taken it a little too far with the high notes. The Chinese man had to be brought to the hospital after a lengthy karaoke session. It was later revealed that his lung had collapsed because he sang too many high notes.

The man, who was only identified by his surname Wang, had reportedly sang 10 high-pitched songs in a row when he suddenly complained about chest pains. His worried companions immediately brought him to the hospital where it was confirmed that Wang’s lung had collapsed.

Wang’s days of singing high-pitched songs may soon be over.

The 65-year-old from the Nanchang county in Jiangxi province in China claims that he always sings the high-pitched songs without any problem. However, the karaoke session proved to be different since it led to him being out of breath and with pains in his lung.

Nanchang Hospital’s Dr. Peng Bin-fei attended to Wang and confirmed that the man’s condition could end up being life-threatening. “The patient suffered from a lung collapse because of the high lung pressure caused by singing high notes,” the doctor said.

Wang was immediately brought to the hospital when the chest pains wouldn’t stop.

Although the doctor did not tell Wang to stop singing, he did recommend that the man should keep his karaoke sessions short. The best option for Wang is not to sing for longer than two hours.

It sounds like Wang will survive his ordeal. However, he will need to stop singing for some time to allow his lung to recover.

Singing isn’t a bad thing but people are advised to avoid long karaoke sessions without rest. It’s probably best to share the microphone around so everyone gets the chance to sing.

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