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Robbery Suspect Gets a Terrible Beating When Pharmacist’s Boyfriend Fought Him

A robber hoping to wipe out one Florida pharmacy’s store of prescription pain medication was stopped in his tracks by a brave customer who happened to be a state boxing champion. This customer was indeed the knight in shining armor of the pharmacist!


Have you ever heard about the saying “If you love something, you have to protect it”?

It’s a natural instinct that in times of danger, we feel the need to protect our loved ones. Sometimes people risk their own safety just to save the people they love.

Perhaps, love really conquers everything. Every day you have to make choices that ensure the thing or person you love continues to bloom. So if you find someone that is good for you, do whatever it takes to keep her, just like the man who saved her girlfriend from a robbery.

A robber hoping to steal a prescription pain medication in one of Florida’s pharmacy store was stopped by a brave customer who happened to be a state boxing champion.

Watch CCTV of Robber Beaten Down by the Store Customer:

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It was Valentine’s Day when David West, 25, decided to drop by at her girlfriend’s work since she didn’t have the day off.

When he visited his girlfriend at Walgreen’s Florida, who happens to be a pharmacist in the said store; a man wearing hoodie with a towel covering his face suddenly walked to the pharmacy counter.

The thief then knelt on top of the counter and threatened the pharmacist he had a gun while trying to reach something in his pocket, he further insisted to hand him an Oxycodone pills.

Surveillance footage showed David West walked quickly to the robber named Anthony Nemeth. He grabbed Anthony and exchanged a few punches but after hitting him several times; the thief fell unconscious. David West holds two state boxing titles, took matters in his own hands to guard her girlfriend from harm.

Watch Trained Fighter / Customer Talks About Taking Down Suspect:

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West told WLFA,

“When he started reaching into his pants like he had a weapon, that’s when I did something just to protect my girlfriend,

The whole time I was holding him, down it really, really hurt my heart,

I wasn’t trying to be malicious in anyway, it’s just how I reacted to the situation.

I did what I had to do to protect the person I love, I hope he [Nemeth] gets the help he needs and I hope it helps his loved ones, too.”

Regarding his boxing skills, West told Herald Tribune,

“If anyone has ever trained, you put your hooks in and I flattened him out on his stomach.

He eventually just ended up. I let him roll over, so I had him face-to-face, so I was holding his arms. I just wanted to stop him.”

Anthony Nemeth, 26, was charged with one count of attempted armed robbery. According to the station, even if the thief didn’t have a gun on him but pretended that he has one; “armed” action applies as defence of victims.

So I guess, this Valentine’s gift is so special and unforgettable for his girlfriend to cherish.

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