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Man Gets Robbed Seconds After Withdrawing $200,000 Life Savings




  • California man Francisco Cornejo has been robbed at Chase Bank’s parking lot, just moments after withdrawing $200,000 in cash.
  • He was attacked by the thief who managed to get away with all the victim’s money.
  • Francisco was left “traumatized” by the experience. He also sustained bruises and a dislocated shoulder.

In an unfortunate turn of events, a man who visited a bank to withdraw his life savings has been robbed by a merciless thief just seconds later.

Sounds too heartbreaking, you say? Well that’s exactly what happened to Francisco Cornejo.

According to reports, Francisco went to Chase Bank in Huntington Park, California to withdraw $200,000.

Moments after leaving the establishment, however, a man in black clothes suddenly appeared out of nowhere, assaulted him, and stole his money.

Francisco was left in shock as the crook managed to immediately escape from the parking lot, taking all the money with him.

In a Metro article, we learn that the victim has previously sold his home to build his savings up. His attorney Nathan Soleimani said:

“He was parked as closely as possible to the bank, knowing he was going to withdraw a large amount of cash. As soon as he got to his car, before he was able to get to his car, he was grabbed and beaten.”

It was a “traumatic” experience for Francisco as he was left with several injuries – including a dislocated shoulder and some bruises – after the attack.

His daughter shared:

“He never expected such an atrocious attack. Bystanders attest that my dad was fighting with all of his will. My father was dragged by the criminal as they both fought for the bag.”

Investigations are currently ongoing with the bank providing law enforcers with the CCTV footage and other relevant information in the hopes of retrieving the money.

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