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Devoted Husband Succumbs to Coronavirus After Visiting Wife on Deathbed




  • Sam and JoAnn were the “Romeo and Juliet” of a nursing home in Lakeland.
  • The couple had to resort to socially-distanced visits due to coronavirus restrictions.
  • Despite warnings, Sam went to be with his beloved wife one last time before she passed away.
  • Sam died nearly three weeks later from Covid-19.

Sam Reck, 90, was a loving husband to his wife JoAnn, 86. The couple had been married for 30 years until the coronavirus took both of their lives.

Being highly at risk due to his age, doctors advised Sam against seeing JoAnn in person. When she tested positive with the virus, they already told him to bid his farewells. Yet he insisted on being with her one last time before she died.

Sam stayed by his wife’s bed at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center in Florida.
The couple was the “Romeo and Juliet” in their Lakeland nursing home.

Because of coronavirus, they eventually resorted to socially-distanced visits.

Sadly, JoAnn succumbed to the virus on the 12th of July. Sam passed away nearly three weeks after.
He died on August 1 without regrets. In fact, he told his family he was very happy he was able to say goodbye.

Scott Hooper, Joann’s son, paid homage to the couple on Facebook.

Today we lost Sam to the same affliction as our mother three weeks earlier, Covid-19. It felt strange to return to the exact room I last saw my mother, now with Sam going through the same struggle to breathe.

He was with us in this room when we all goodbye to my mom. He was very much a broken man seeing her suffer.

After Sam tested positive for Covid, I asked him if he regretted his visit to the hospital. Without pause he replied, ‘Not one second.

He said no matter what happens, he was very happy he had the opportunity to say goodbye and hold her hand one more time.

Scott also mentioned how Sam helped her mother get thru dementia every day. When they transferred Joann to a skilled nursing floor, Sam would drive his scooter every morning. He would stay all day “until he kissed her goodnight and went back to his room.”

“Thank you Sam, for everything you have done for our family, and for loving my mother. We all love you. I know you are now back with my mom playing bluegrass music together,” Scott said.

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