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Overweight Couple Gets Banned From Taxis After Breaking TWO Cars’ Suspensions

“This is discrimination against larger people like me,” said Marcus Edwards.


A overweight couple from Birmingham, England is furious after being banned from taxis in their area. The pair, who weigh 770 pounds together, are complaining about it, saying the ban is completely unfair.

According to Marcus Edwards and Taylor Faulkner, they use Centrex Cars often, especially when they go to the house of Edwards’ mom. The company, however, did not accept it when the two tried to book a taxi recently.

Marcus Edwards (29) and Taylor Faulkner (26) were banned by Centrex Cars for damaging two taxis.

Source: The Sun

Apparently, the reason behind the ban is that the Edwards and Faulkner have already damaged the suspensions of two vehicles. At least that’s what Edwards claims the company told him when he contacted them.

The “loyal customer” is angry about Centrex Cars’ decision.

Source: The Sun

As Edwards explained, they sometimes ride up to four times a day and he’s been a customer for 5 years now, even booking a 5-seater van for their rides.

The ban is a clear descrimination, said Edwards who is a registered obese.

He defended:

“I am obese because of my medical problems but this is discrimination against larger people like me, pure and simple.

“I don’t believe I have knackered two cars’ suspensions but I think they just don’t want a person of my size around them.

“They should realise I suffer from a disease called obesity. After all the money we have spent with them they should be ashamed.”

Meanwhile, Faulkner has epilepsy which lead to her being overweight.

Source: The Sun

She commented about the ban:

“I was flabbergasted and told him he must be joking. But he was adamant and told us to use another cab company in future.

“We are both angry and upset with their attitude. We think they are persecuting us because we are overweight. But we can’t help it.”

Centrex Cars denies they implemented a ban against the couple.

Source: The Sun

A Daily Mail report tells us that a spokesperson for the company denied the allegations clarifying they only didn’t have vehicles big enough to accommodate Edwards after he gained more weight. The spokesperson, however, admitted that one of their drivers did complain about a car suspension problem because of Edwards.


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