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Elderly Couple Rescued After Their Truck Dangled Over 100-ft Canyon




  • An elderly couple Idaho has been rescued after their vehicle hit a bridge barrier in Idaho.
  • Their pickup truck dangled over a 100-ft canyon.
  • Fortunately, rescuers rushed to the scene and immediately saved the couple, along with their two small dogs.

A scary road accident in Idaho led to an elderly couple dangling over a 100-ft canyon. According to reports, the pair’s pickup truck hit the side of the bridge after the 67-year-old man lost control of the vehicle as they were towing a camper van.

Eventually, the truck tipped over the bridge with only the van’s safety chain holding it from falling below. Fortunately, they were saved from sure danger.

The Idaho State Police Public Affairs office later issued a press release that said Idaho State Troopers immediately responded to the accident. A trooper and a Gooding County Sheriff’s Deputy acted quickly and obtained extra chains to secure the pickup truck until the rescuers arrived on the scene.

The emergency team successfully rescued the male driver, the 64-year-old female passenger, and their two pet dogs.

The couple were rushed to a nearby hospital and fortunately, no serious injuries were reported.

Idaho State Police District 4’s Captain David Neth praised the “tremendous team effort,” saying:

“This is something we train and prepare for, but when it happens and people’s lives literally hang in the balance, it takes everyone working together, and then some.”

Of course, netizens likewise hailed the rescuers as heroes, with some describing the scene as “something out of an action movie”.

One commenter wrote:

“Bless the officers for saving these people and their dogs, we needed this to remind us what cops do on a daily basis and many are police officers simply for their conviction to help their fellow man. Don’t let the few bad apples erase that.”

Watch the video report here:

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