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Couple Chain Themselves Together For 3 Months To Test Their Love




  • Ukrainian couple Alexander and Viktoria is putting their relationship to the test – by having their hands chained to each other’s for the next three months.
  • The pair started last Valentine’s Day and so far, they’ve seen how performing mundane tasks have become challenging for them both.
  • According to Vitaly Zorin of the national register of records, the chain cannot be broken unless they call for help from emergency services.

A couple from Ukraine decided to put their relationship to the test by conducting an absurd experiment: being chained to each other for the next three months.

Alexander and Viktoria picked Valentine’s Day as the day to start their strange challenge. Vitaly Zorin, who works for the national register of records in Ukraine, has been tapped to supervise the couple’s experiment.

Alexander and Viktoria in front of the Unity sculpture in Kyiv, Ukraine

According to Zorin, the couple’s mental health had to be checked before they began their 3-month challenge. Zorin likewise confirmed that should the pair decide to separate earlier than expected, they will require assistance from emergency service specialists to break the chain.

“The palms of the couple in love are just a couple of centimeters apart,” said Zorin.

Meanwhile, Alexander shared:

“We are going for a record. There is a chain on us, and all the links are welded. The final link… is closed with the seal of the national register of records.”

To start things off, the couple had to take a 325-mile taxi ride from the city.

At one point, they had to take a bathroom break and they ended up picking the women’s toilet.

Obviously, performing ordinary tasks – such as eating, changing clothes, taking showers, or doing home chores – have since become challenging and uncomfortable. However, it looks like the two are seriously determined to complete the experiment.

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