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Town Switches Christmas Lights On In February To Cheer People Up Amid Lockdown




  • Tankerton town decided to put the Christmas lights up again this month to help cheer people up amid another lockdown.
  • In a JustGiving campaign, the Talk of Tankerton wrote that the lights were intended to “add some sparkle” during a challenging time.
  • The group’s fundraising campaign for the project has so far raised over £1,400.

February is considered in many countries as the month of hearts but interestingly, it looks like Christmastime all over again in a town in Kent, England. According to reports, Tankerton went ahead and turned their holiday lights again this month in the hopes of lifting spirits up.

All Christmas lights have been turned off last month at the end of the holiday festivities but they brought it back this February. People even willingly donated funds to make the project possible. The reason? They wanted to make people smile amid the implementation of a third lockdown.

In a JustGiving campaign, we read that a group of business owners called Talk of Tankerton organizes the displays each year. The description reads:

“The Talk of Tankerton team fundraise throughout the year to pay for the Christmas lights in Tankerton High Street. These are installed, powered and maintained by the team and the Tankerton traders. This year, we have switched our lights back on to add some sparkle to lockdown.”

Julie Clarke, co-founder of the group, also added:

“Our Christmas lights were so well-received over Christmas. But going into a lockdown straight after Christmas and New Year, it just seemed having to turn the lights off was going to be too dull and too dark for everyone. Everyone needs a bit of light and sparkle through lockdown to make them smile.”

As of this writing, the campaign has already raised £1,449 – which is way bigger than it’s initial goal of £300. The group likewise pointed out that “any additional money will go towards our 2021 Christmas display.”

A donor wrote:

“The lights and lanterns look great. Always make us smile when we see them. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Another said:

“Well done for helping to spread a bit of cheer in these gloomy times.” 

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