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A Special Child Received No RSVPs to His Party… Then This Happened!

How do you make a special child feel extra special on his birthday?


What Odin Camus, a 13-year-old kid with Asperger syndrome, wanted for his birthday was something simple: for his 15 friends to celebrate with him at a bowling alley.

However, after handing out invitations to his friends, no one seemed to be interested to celebrate with him.

His mother, Melissa, didn’t want to let her son down on his special day. So she decided to get help from local moms in Ontorio Canada. Through an event she created on Facebook, Melissa was able to make Odin feel extra special by asking her friends to text him “happy birthday” .

Melissa’s request was quickly granted and in no time

Odin received 5,000 birthday greetings on his new mobile phone given by his mom.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Of course, Odin’s story reached Twitter and captured the interest of many kind-hearted users. The hashtag #OdinBirthday became a trending topic worldwide!

Carrie Underwood, Elijah Wood, and the whole basketball team Toronto Raptors were among those who sent 11,000 birthday greetings to join Odin on Twitter.

Hundreds of Odin’s supporters flocked to Lakeview Bowl in Peterborough, Ontario join Odin on his bowling party on Friday night. He even got to ride a limousine rented by a guest for him!

Indeed, it was an awesome night for the teenager who told The Inquistr: “Wow, it’s amazing to know how much people care. It makes me feel amazing.”

Watch the video:

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This 4-year-old Boy and his 90-year-old BFF Proves True Friendship Has No Age Limit.

This story of a very unlikely best friends surprised a lot of people…


It is a story that surprised a lot of people – for how could a young boy, aged 4, be best friends with a 90-year-old war veteran? Well, the real question here is, “why not”? Who said best friends have to be of the same age?

Emmett Rychner and his parents had been neighbors with war veteran Erling Kindem for some time. The young boy would visit Erling at his home or the old man would hang out with the family for a chat.

As best friends, the two would spend hours chatting or would sometimes play with cars.

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Five Probable Reasons Why We Keep Dating Emotionally Unavailable People.

Stop the cycle if you can…

Let me tell you about the story of a girl who fell in love with someone who can't love her back the way she wanted him to...Oh wait...that's the story of the A LOT of people here on earth, right?

Well the thing is, many people are guilty of this. Men and women alike have a tendency to fall for someone who is not emotionally available. We stay in a relationship, no matter how long we've been hurting because most of us are waiting for things to come around - for that other person to 'see' our worth, for that person to eventually  love us the way we wanted them to. Sadly, even if we got the chance to leave a hellish relationship, chances are we'll fall for the same type of person again.

Other than thinking of why those relationships failed and how badly most of our ex-lovers treated us, why don't we figure out why we keep dating emotionally unavailable people? Here are five probable reasons why:

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Father’s Love and Devotion Fueled Him To Run Behind His Son In Every Race

A devoted father tries to fulfill his son’s dreams, against all odds.

Every parent hopes to have normal, healthy kids one day. I can imagine the look on a parent's face when he/she hears the child's first words and witness the first awkward baby steps. Parents get excited to see their child perform every developmental milestone there is on the book. Fathers in particular, couldn't wait to teach their sons to play ball, go hunting and camping, or do all those father and son bonding stuffs.

But what if you have a special child? Would you give up on these dreams? Would you love him/her less?

Parents know how difficult it can be sometimes to take care of children with special needs as they require more of everything...time, patience, strength, love... and sacrifice. Some parents go through extreme lengths just to ensure that their kid can live a normal happy life despite their condition. Dick Hoyt is one of those parents.

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