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Boy Weeps With Joy At His First McDonald’s Meal After Months of Lockdown

Now that’s what you call a Happy Meal!

  • Adam Bin Mohammad Irwan, 9 years old, recently gained social media fame after his video went viral.
  • The young boy, who has sensory sensitivity and mild autism, was obviously happy to have his first McDonald’s meal in months following the lockdown in Singapore.

A touching video recently gained a lot of attention from netizens everywhere after it went viral on social media. The said clip featured a 9-year-old boy who burst into tears of joy when his mother surprised him with a McDonald’s meal. He’s clearly a big fan of the fast food brand!

According to the reports we’ve gathered online, the boy has not had any McDonald’s since the lockdown started. Wati decided to capture his son’s reaction on camera but didn’t expect it would eventually go viral online.

Meet 9-year-old boy Adam Bin Mohammad Irwan from Singapore.

Apparently, McDonald’s only reopened in the country last May 10. On May 18, the loving mom took it upon herself to order some takeout for her child.

He got really emotional!

While in the car, Wati filmed herself before entering the mall and said:

“Hello guys. I’m here to get McDonald’s. It’s a surprise!’

Adam sure loves his fries and chicken nuggets!

After buying the food, Wati secretly brought it in the home and called Adam from the room, who initially thought his mom was trying to prank him.

“I thought you wanted to scare me,” a tearful Adam said as he run to his mother and gave her a warm embrace.

Watch this video and see for yourself:

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The video eventually received a lot of reactions and shares on Facebook soon after Wati posted it on Facebook. Numerous news websites also covered the story.

The loving mother later shared that Adam’s “overreaction” was because of his sensory sensitivity and mild autism.


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