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Doctor Published Fabricated Study 20 Years Ago And It Made Us All Sicker





Medical professionals are supposed to help us get better. However, a doctor only succeeded in making the rest of the world much sicker. He had published a study 20 years ago that was a complete fabrication.

In 1998, Dr Andrew Wakefield allegedly conducted a study with stunning results. It was revealed that there was a connection between autism and vaccines. His “findings” were then published by The Lancet and parents immediately prevented their children from getting vaccinated. Unfortunately, Wakefield’s paper had been a lie.

Vaccines are safe for children yet Wakefield’s study alleged that it is dangerous.

Wakefield’s paper had no control group and was not based on statistics. In addition to that, his findings were based on people’s memories and he has simply made vague conclusions. However, people believed it since it was published by a medical journal.

The doctor actually made money for the study. Wakefield was paid $674,000 from lawyers who sued vaccine makers.

Luckily, the truth eventually came to light as non-believers conducted their own reliable studies. The results revealed that there was absolutely no connection between autism and vaccines.

The Lancet immediately apologized for publishing the study. They also confirmed that they had investigated the matter and found that the doctor had fabricated everything.

An infographic illustrating the vaccination controversy timeline.

Source: Upworthy

It has been 20 years since Wakefield’s fabricated study was made public. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are still skeptical about getting their children vaccinated.

There are still several myths surrounding vaccination. Some believe that vaccines are filled with toxic chemicals that can harm children. Additionally, there are beliefs that vaccines are only being forced on people so that drug companies can make profits. None of these is true since vaccination can actually save millions of lives every year.

It is difficult to reverse the effects of Wakefield’s fabricated claims. Nevertheless, scientists are hopeful that people will eventually accept the results of the new studies and become more open to vaccination.

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