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New Funeral Service Liquefies The Dead and Dumps Them Into Sewers

From water you gush forth, to water you shall return.


There are two types of funerals: one involves the departed placed in a coffin and buried beneath the ground, and the other uses cremation and stores the resulting ashes in an urn.

However, burial real estate continues to diminish with people passing away each day. So one funeral service created a more efficient and environmental-friendly way to inter bodies.

It liquefies the deceased’s remains.

funeral 1

Source: IFL Science
Then pours the liquid corpse down the sewers.

funeral 5

Source: Life News

AquaGreen Dispositions, a funeral service company in Ottawa, Canada, offers this most controversial way to inter departed loved ones.

They “cremate” the deceased into a liquefied beige-colored sludge and release this liquid into the sewer system.

Surprisingly, they’ve actually received an official license to dump liquid remains down sewerage that empties into Smiths Falls.

Similar to another green funeral service offering to turn the recently deceased into trees, liquefaction is environment-friendly. It creates very small carbon footprint compared to cremation.

AquaGreen uses potash, salt, and water to break down a cadaver’s soft tissues in a heated and pressurized vessel resembling an MRI machine.

The body’s organic material is dissolved into a thick, dark-colored, caustic fluid.

funeral 2

Source: IFL Science

According to Dale Hilton, who operates AquaGreen Disposition’s funeral service, liquefying the dead brings them back to their natural state.

“It’s the same way as being buried in the ground, but instead of taking 15, 20 years to disintegrate, it does it in a quicker process. And it’s all environmental-friendly.”

The green interment process starts here.

funeral 3

Source: CBC

The body’s soft tissue turns to sludge, leaving the skeleton intact. AquaGreen then dries the remaining bone framework in a convection oven, crushes it to fine powder, and returns it to the grieving family.

That way, they get to keep a part of their dearly departed loved one.

funeral 4

Source: Independent

The perishable liquid parts flow out into the sewer system to swirl off into the waters of the world.

Who knows what you may be drinking and swimming in tomorrow?

H/T: IFL Science


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