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Woman Offers To Randomly Show Up at People’s Funeral and Make It ‘Mysterious’ For $50

She’ll make your funeral a family topic for ages.


Funerals are somber affairs not everyone is fond of attending. The weeping and sad eulogies are heart-breaking and mind-numbing. And they’re not only painful reminders of a loved one’s permanent absence, but also a mocking to our very own mortality.

Perhaps this is the reason why a woman posted a weird yet hilarious offer on Twitter. She probably wanted to make people’s funeral less somber and rather quite intriguing for attendees.

Meet Dana Schwartz. For $50, this 26-year-old author/journalist promises to attend your funeral and make it ‘mysterious for everyone’.

Her tweet, on how she’s going to do it, has gone viral and since garnered more than 473K likes and 97K retweets.

She will show up to your funeral like that. Then she’ll leave, making people question her arrival there and possibly, creating a lot of conspiracies around your normal, old-age death.

If you pay her on Venmo, she’ll do this too.
It sounded funny at first. But it wasn’t long before the responses came rolling in, the first being from famous author Neil Gaiman.
The pair even settled on a few specifics.

Then people actually started sending her money.
Some even propose better ideas to make the funeral even more mysterious.
This guy even wanted to be Dana’s partner in crime.
This one is just sad.

Dana’s viral tweet goes to show that there are lots of people who don’t want a quiet, traditional funeral anymore. That humoring their friends and loved ones till the very end might be one of the best ways for them to easily cope up with their loss. Though if Dana’s service pushes through, we’re pretty sure there will be a lot of very confused family members out there. And that these people’s funeral will be the topic of their clan for years to come.


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