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Man Pre-Records Hilarious Message For His Funeral, Makes Mourners Cry With Laughter

“Hello? Let me out, I f–kin’ died in here!”

  • An Irish man decided to make sure his funeral ended on a hilarious note by pulling one last prank on the mourners.
  • He pre-recorded a message that would be played when his coffin is lowered to the ground.
  • The message featured the man begging to be let out of the coffin and even included him singing a song for his loved ones.

Funerals can be truly heartbreaking events. However, one man went out of his way to make sure people attending his funeral were left in tears … of laughter. He recorded a funny message that was then played as his coffin was lowered into the ground. As a result, his friends and loved ones couldn’t help but cry in laughter.

Shay Bradley was known as a lifelong prankster who loved to make his friends and family laugh. The grandfather of eight from Dublin, Ireland knew that his passing was imminent and decided to leave one final joke for the mourners who would attend his funeral. A video recorded by his daughter Andrea Bradley shows how people were confused when a voice suddenly shouted, “Hello?” from the coffin. As it turns out, it was a pre-recorded message from Shay, who wanted to prank them.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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In the video, the mourners initially looked sad as the bagpipes started playing. However, this is interrupted by a loud voice shouting, “Hello?” The voice continues, “Let me out! It’s dark in here!” then pokes fun at the priest.

Shay clearly wanted to make sure the mourners wouldn’t feel so bad at his funeral. His message even included him singing a song, which prompts laughter from the guests.

Shay Bradley was “a prankster” who truly loved playing jokes on his friends.

According to Shay’s wife, her husband “was a prankster, always thought outside the box and wanted to leave his family laughing.” It’s easy to see that “he was a larger than life character” who will be “missed by anyone who knew him.”


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