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Netherlands Opens Zandhotel, A Giant Sandcastle





During our childhood years, trips to the beach involved burying our friends in the sand, making sand mountains and of course, making sand castles. We have all dreamt of staying inside our tiny castle creations, but we all forgot about that dream because we couldn’t fit.

Worry not, for our childhood desire of staying in a sandcastle has been addressed. The first sandcastle hotels has been opened in the Frisian towns of Sneek and the Brabant Oss, Netherlands. You can now experience living in a sandcastle (even temporarily!) and enjoy the exotic feeling of staying in a hotel hidden in a meter-high sand sculpture. As their website puts it, “come enjoy a sand-tastic experience!”


Photo credit: zandhotel
This exquisite sand sculpture will greet you on your way into the hotel.


Photo credit: Zandhotel

This is like transporting yourself to your childhood when you imagined being as tiny as your sand toys and being able to enter your own sand castle!

The meter-high sand sculpture which surrounds the perimeter of the hotel was made perfectly. It really looks like a sand castle! Amazing!


Photo credit: zandhotel
Imagine having a sand sculpture at the foot of your bed. This has “Instagrammable” written all over it.

It would be fun to take lots of pictures around every corner of this room. The bed looks very comfortable as well. A perfect getaway not just for the thrill-seeking child-at-heart, but for everyone!


Photo credit: Zandhotel
There are numerous sand sculptures inside the hotel.


Photo credit: homecrux
So beautiful!


Photo credit: homecrux

This is not just for people who love exotic things. Anyone can book a few nights in this hotel and have a relaxing vacation.

Rooms at Zandhotel cost $170 a night. Hurry on now, book a flight to the Netherlands and allow your childhood dreams to come true!

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