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Thousands Are Leaving Wuhan After China Lifts Lockdown




  • With China lifting the mandatory lockdown on Wuhan, thousands (of locals and non-locals) are expected to leave the city in the next several days.
  • Public transportation, such as trains and planes, are now open to the public once more and thousands have booked their seats to different destinations.
  • According to authorities, safety precautions will still be observed.

Soon after discovering the origins of coronavirus in the wet markets of Wuhan, China immediately placed the port city in a lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of the disease. After over two months of mandatory quarantine, authorities have finally lifted the order in many areas as the country have seen a steady decrease of newer cases of the virus.

Restrictions have since been eased and citizens are officially free to travel to or from Wuhan via private vehicles and public transportation. Now reports are telling us that Wuhan is expecting thousands to leave the city very soon.

According to a CNN article, many of the outbound travels are “likely to come from out-of-towers” who ended up getting stuck in Wuhan when the government implemented the lockdown.

Of course, precautionary measures will still be observed so as to avoid the possibilities of having new infections in the near future. For example, travelers are required to be assessed whether they are healthy or low-risk before they are permitted to leave Wuhan.

The state media also shared that by Wednesday, they are anticipating an estimated figure of about 55,000 train passengers leaving Wuhan. Authorities assured the public that they will be disinfecting the trains and stations plus all passengers will be screened.

Meanwhile, 54 passenger planes carrying about 10,000 people from Wuhan are scheduled to fly by Wednesday to 15 destinations.

Watch this video taken early Wednesday showing passengers preparing to depart from Wuhan:

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