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London Firm Hiring Naked Maids to Clean Houses for £45 Per Hour





Of all job ads to appear in the Classifieds, an advertisement seeking naked maids ranks up there. It appears a UK cleaning company is currently hiring women to clean homes dressed in their birthday suit.

London-based Naturist Cleaners is currently hiring a battalion of female house cleaners to work for them cleaning people’s houses in the buff.

The ad reads:

We are looking for female naturist cleaners who can clean private houses nude.

The job will require doing all general cleaning like dusting, tidying up, vacuuming, watering plants, making beds, using the washing machine, ironing clothes and cleaning windows.

And they’re paying their employees £45 (US$56) an hour to clean houses wearing only gloves and slippers.

You’ll get paid £45 per hour to clean houses while naked.

Considering the average hourly wage for a typical house cleaner in the UK is a measly £7.36 (US$9), it’s a huge incentive for women who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. And doing so in the nude.

According to Naturist Cleaners owner, Laura Smith, most of their clientele are men, a majority of whom belong to the nudist community. Smith claims cleaners doing the cleaning buck naked has increased in popularity. She had the idea after a nudist asked if he could be naked while she cleaned for him.

“We started in London two years ago and it’s proven really popular, so we’re expanding. It’s a service for the nudist community. We are a cleaning company. There is nothing sexual about the business at all. The majority of our clients are nudist. I understand people will think certain things about the company, but there is nothing untoward about it.”

And also because it makes normally drudging chores a lot of fun.

There isn’t any hanky-panky going on, however. While clients get their rocks off having a naked chick scrub their homes, the company maintains a strictly hands-off policy on their cleaners.

Naturist Cleaners began two years ago in London, and now they’re expanding in Peterborough, Southport and Surrey.

Hence, the need for more naked cleaners.

Smith says the company operates like an agency, and they only hire women as a majority of clients are men.

With a sprinkling of women who enjoy having naked chicks do their bidding.

Naturist Cleaners calls itself “one of UK’s leading naturist and nude cleaning service providers,” and invites customers to “choose our nude cleaners that suit your preferences.”

“Beautiful, fun, intelligent girls who are great to be around.”

The company charges £65 (US$81) and hour, and £55 (US$68) for each succeeding hour.

They also offer fully-clothed maids wearing the typical cleaner’s uniform, but charges less for them compared to cleaners that arrive unclothed.

Naturally, the naked maids win hands down.

For a “unique, fun, and exciting service” that’s guaranteed to be “the kind of experience you never forget,” hire a naked cleaner.

Naturist Cleaners says it will “keep a huge smile on your face for the rest of the week.”

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