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Aussie Man Felt Tickling in Ears and Found Huntsman Spider Inside His Earmuffs




  • An Australian tradesman named Olly Hurst discovered a huntsman spider in an unusual place.
  • The plumber from Perth found it difficult to concentrate at work when he felt tickling in his ears.
  • After removing his earmuffs, he saw the arachnid snuggled inside. In the video, Hurst tries to shake it off but the spider wouldn’t budge.

Olly Hurts felt tickling in his ears and found it hard to concentrate at work. So he took his earmuffs off and then saw a huntsman spider nestled in one of his ear protectors.

What he saw maybe a stuff of nightmares to some, luckily Hurts wasn’t a bit afraid. “I absolutely knew, I could feel something tickling in my ear. Hmm. Nasty!” Hurst said.

In a video he shared with ABC Perth, Hurts tried to shake the arachnid off of the earpiece.

But the creature wouldn’t even move.
Photo: Olly Hurts via Instagram

“It doesn’t want to come out. He’s happy in there,” he said.

Australian hunstsman spiders, otherwise called Tarantulas or Giant Crab Spiders, are famous for being the hairy tarantulas seen crawling on house walls or curtains.

Females usually measure two centimeters in length while the males are smaller at 1.6 centimeters, according to the Australian Museum. Their leg span, however, measures up to 15 centimeters or 6 inches. Their diet usually consist of insects and other invertebrates.

Giant crab spiders aren’t generally considered dangerous, but are still venomous. A cold pack may help relieve local pain, although those bitten may also experience adverse effects.

The video ended with Hurst laughing and finally dropping the earpiece on the ground.

Several netizens who saw the video commented, “Oh my lordy… I’d scream then throw them and run far far away.” While one said, “I am amazed that you didn’t have a heart attack when you saw what had been tickling your ear.”

“Buy some new earmuffs and let the spider have his/her new home,” posted another.

Fortunately for Hurst, Australian huntsman spiders are reluctant to bite. Normally, they would run away (or hide inside an earmuff in this case) than be aggressive.

Watch the video:

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