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This Mom Stripped Down to Nothing But Her Underwear in Public, For a Good Reason

She stripped down to nothing but her underwear in the middle of a busy marketplace & you’ll never believe the response she got.

In the contemporary world we are living, everything appears to have become superficial. The clothes we wear, the gadgets we own and the body shape we exude are what define us — at least for the thousands of people who only care about what’s on the outside.

When women become mothers, they lose the sexy and attractive bodies they once have. All that are left of them are cellulite, stretch marks and other undesirable physical changes. With this, the self-confidence of mothers have plummeted, leaving them with nothing but doubts and frustrations.

For Amy Pence-Brown, this should not be the case. In this video we found, the mother of three stood in the middle of a busy public market and stripped off her clothes, leaving her in her underwear only. She placed a sign board in front of her, asking people to draw hearts on her body to show support for her advocacy of loving oneself now matter how unattractive they may look like physically.

The response of the people? Watch the video below:

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According to Amy, some people did not only draw hearts, they also wrote words of encouragement. Some people also hugged Amy and told her that what she did is truly powerful.

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Obese Woman Drops 110kg After Breaking Up With Feeder Boyfriend

Sometimes breakups are better than being in a literally unhealthy relationship.


In some cases, people would gain weight due to depression-eating after a breakup. But the same is not true for 51-year old Patty Sanchez, who lost 110 kilograms after breaking up with her "feeder" boyfriend of 10 years.

Patty was in a "feedie-feeder" relationship. Feeders are the type of fetishists who loves seeing someone overeat and gain weight. She recounts eating 13,000 calories a day, which is almost 6 times more than the required calorie intake for an average adult. Over the course of their relationship, Patty ballooned up to 722 lbs or more than 320 kilograms.

This is Patty during the course of her relationship with her boyfriend

patty sanchez...

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If there’s one thing to love about older women…its this song…


There are a whole bunch of songs about older women calling them cougars, hags, disgruntled witches, and grumpy grandmas, but very few of them are complimentary to mature females.

Until this song came along. Titled "Older Ladies" and sang by musical artist and California-based singer Donnalou Stevens in a country Western jive that's both funny and upbeat, the song celebrates the older females in our lives....and yes, teaches us to love our wiser, more mature selves as well.

What can be more fun and adorable than this?


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10 Things Really Happy People Do That’s Why They’re Happy

So you want to be really happy? Here’s what you should be doing more of.

You see them around you, and it makes you wonder, ticks you even at times because you’re left baffled as to how they do it in the kind of world we live in. We’re talking about the shiny happy people. The kind that we would like to be but have a hard time being because, well, life happens. So how do they keep being happy? Here’s the gist:

# 1 They care less about what other people think of them.


Photo credit: Barn Images

Not because they’re jerks, but simply because opinions of others don’t matter to them as long as they’re happy and are sure they're not doing anything wrong. Approval or acceptance is not something they bother to aspire for....

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