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They’ve Been A Couple Since 2016 But Some People Still Won’t Believe It




  • Shane Burcaw’s girlfriend Hannah Aylward has often been mistaken as his nurse.
  • In reality, they’ve been together as a couple since 2016 and have been engaged in 2019.
  • The pair regularly uploads vlogs on YouTube in the hopes of “normalizing” interabled couples.

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward have been a couple since 2016. Yet everytime they go out together, they still get mixed reactions from other people. Many still automatically assume she is his nurse, not his girlfriend.

The couple has experienced a lot of that and they’re hoping to change negative public perception by being vocal about their relationship. In fact, they made a YouTube channel where they upload videos documenting their life together as an interabled couple. Through their vlogs, they hope they can somehow decrease the stigma and discrimination often faced by those with disabilities.

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward are hoping to normalize interabled relationships in the society.

Shane, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, says restaurant servers often give him the children’s menu whenever they dine. Plus they usually laugh when he orders beer.

Well of course it’s true that Hannah is his primary caregiver since he can’t move his muscles much because of his condition. Every day, she helps him with everything – from getting up in the morning, to bathing, to using the bathroom, and everything else in between.

Aside from that, they insist they are just like every other ordinary couple out there. Unfortunately, they’re hearing a lot of nasty conspiracy theories out there, such as Hannah is only after Shane’s money – which is totally not the case, according to them.

In his TODAY article, Shane wrote:

“Many people have never seen a relationship like ours before, where one individual lives with a physical disability and the other does not. Our goal in sharing our lives with the world is to help normalize interabled relationships, to show people that our love is just as exciting, fulfilling and real as any other.”

On YouTube, they are known as Squirmy and Grubs.

Hannah explained:

“We’ve had (the nicknames) since really early on in our relationship.”
Hannah is Squirmy because she “squirms around in bed a lot” when sleeping, she told INSIDER, which annoys Shane a lot.

Meanwhile, Shane has earned the moniker because of his sweaty palms.

In 2019, Shane proposed to Hannah. She said ‘yes!’

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Watch this video to learn more about their story:

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In case you’re interested to follow the couple’s adventures, you can go check out their official channel on YouTube.

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