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Devoted Son Climbs Hospital Building To Watch Over His Dying Mother Every Night

Everyday, he goes up there to make sure his mom doesn’t feel alone.

Ann Moises




  • Jihad Al-Suwaiti climbs two- stories every night to sit outside a window ledge.
  • Rasma Salema, his mother, had leukemia – and then she tested positive with the coronavirus a few weeks ago.
  • The 30-year old man always climbs up because he refuses to let her suffer alone. Sadly, his mother passed away last Thursday. 

Due to safety protocols, the hospital prohibited the Palestinian man from visiting his mother. Still, Jihad Al-Suwaiti was determined to see and be with his elderly mother who tested positive with the coronavirus a few weeks back.

He then resorted to climbing a pipeline to reach the ledge outside the room where she was confined. From there, he observed his mother behind the glass and waited until she was already asleep.

Jihad Al-Suwaiti, expressing love behind the glass and making his mom feel that she is not alone.

He spent most of his day there, observing his mother’s condition from outside the window, before coming down when he was convinced that his mother was fast asleep,” reported a hospital official to the local media.

Mohamad Safa, a UN Representative, shared his touching photo on Twitter, which has since moved the hearts of many from around the globe.

According to Abang Jihad, his brother is stubborn and would never gave up hope. Being the youngest son, he was very close to his mother and thus refused to part from her.

Sadly, Rasma Salema succumbed to the virus and passed away last Thursday.

When Jihad was informed of our mother’s death, he was angry and in shock,” Abang said. “Now he seems to have accepted the fact.”

Pallbearers in full protective gear as they lay Rasma Salema to rest due to the coronavirus.

The post Mohamad Safa shared on social media garnered thousands of retweets and comments, all of them relating to the grief of losing a parent or loved one.

One wrote, “Can this become any more sad when we are only able to comfort our loved ones through a window, phone, or tablet?

“This made me shed a tear. Lost my mum in 2014 and life hasn’t been the same,” commented another.

Mohamad Safa also made a tribute illustration for Jihad and his mom.

The entire world is still in a fight against Covid-19 as the number of cases and deaths continue to rise.

The Palenstine Institute for Public Diplomacy stated that the “realness of the cCoronavirus is hitting Philistine” and that they are “currently experiencing the highest number of coronavirus-related deaths yet.”

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Russian Influencer Divorces Husband, Then Marries Her Stepson

Now they’re expecting a baby.

Mika Castro



  • 35-year old Russian influencer Marina Balmasheva made headlines when she posted pictures of her relationship with her 20-year old stepson Vladimir "Voya" Shavyrin back in May.
  • Marina divorced Voya's dad in 2017 and began a relationship with her stepson.
  • This was then followed by a video of their simple marriage registry posted on Instagram and a wedding photoshoot.
  • The latest update from the couple is that Marina and Voya are expecting a new baby.

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Vogue Editor Gets ‘Racially Profiled’ By Security Guard At Their Own Building

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved in the course of your life: The first thing that some people will judge you on is the color of your skin.”

Mark Andrew



  • British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful has posted how he has been "racially profiled" by a security guard in the magazine's office.
  • He wrote about the experience on social media and he has since been flooded by messages of support.
  • Vogue publisher Condé Nast has since dismissed the security officer.

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Lottery Winner Claims $95 Million Wearing Darth Vader Costume To Hide Identity

Now his relatives and neighbors have no clue…

Mark Andrew



  • A Jamaican man won $95 million in the lottery.
  • To hide his identity, he wore a Darth Vader helmet and costume.
  • He plans to use the prize money to "buy a bus" and help his family.

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