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Tall Women Proudly Show Off Their Shorter Husbands And The Internet Is Loving It





Does size really matter in love? Well apparently, some women do NOT think so!

Case in point, comedian Lizz Adam’s took it upon herself to share how proud she is of her short husband. In fact, she even calls him her “king.”

In a Twitter post that has since gone viral, Lizz wrote about how “happily married” she is with her husband – who stands only 5’5.”

The said tweet immediately gained a lot of attention as many women also posted about how satisfied they are with their awesome hubbies (and boyfies), despite the obvious height difference.

And boy, the posts did keep on coming!

Check out some of the best replies here:

All the good vibes aside, however, Lizz’ original tweet likewise sparked a bit of a debate as some netizens commented about her negative tone towards tall people. That didn’t stop the comedian from firing back against her critics.

In an exclusive interview with BoredPanda, Lizz said she thinks she “hit a nerve” with people who missed the message she was trying to make. She explained she was merely joking and bashing tall people wasn’t really her intention at all.

“I’m a comedian,” she defended. “So I speak in hyperbole a lot.”

Her main point, of course, was that when it comes to romance, having height requirements is plain ridiculous.

Or in her own words:

“Discounting a potential partner based on their height could prevent you from meeting someone really special.”

Well how about you, our dear readers? Do you have a height preference when it comes to a lover? Or do you, like Lizz, agree that physical appearance should never be an issue? Would you date or marry someone shorter than you?

Let’s hear it from the ladies! Please feel free to sound off in the comment section below.

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