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Mom Hits Teen Daughter With Flip-Flop From Impossibly Long Distance





Not all people can throw objects really long and precise. One particular mom, however, realized that having this capability could be handy.

A video showing a mother’s incredible aim to strike her fleeing daughter with her sandal from an impossible distance has gone viral for all the right reasons. The hilarious footage shows an angry mother refusing to race after her daughter who ran down a street. Instead, she picked up her flip-flop and did an NFL-worthy throw to stop the teen in her tracks.

Let’s face it; parenting is often a thankless and unappreciated job. You raise your child, watch them grow from a bundle of joy into an untamed tantrum nightmare, and then you have to suffer as they go through puberty.

Although parents love their children unconditionally, there are times that they feel that enough is enough. So when one mom felt that her daughter was being impossible, she did something unbelievable herself.

The mother seemed to be pretty angry with her daughter as she chased her out of the house. The group can be heard yelling “go on, hit her, hit her!” as the woman took off her flip flop and threw it at her daughter.

Although she was pretty far away, she nailed the throw and whacked her daughter perfectly in the head that caused her to stumble on the street. The group subsequently erupted into laughter as the girl yelped and fell over following the stunning long-range strike.

Now, this wouldn’t be the internet unless a few people were calling it a fake. Along with praise for the supreme athleticism seemingly on display, many have greeted the video with a healthy dose of skepticism, insisting that it couldn’t possibly be real.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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