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Brave Guy Scares Away Machete-Wielding Burglar Using A Plank Of Wood




  • A viral video shared by the West Midlands Police shows us the moment when a brave guy fought a machete-wielding burglar using a piece of wood.
  • The burglar, Haiwa Ezzeddine Mohammed, ran away and was later identified by authorities.
  • Mohammed has since been sentenced with 4-year-imprisonment.

The West Midlands Police recently shared a CCTV footage on social media and it has since gone viral online. In the said clip, a man has been filmed bravely chasing off a machete-wielding burglar – using only a plank of wood.

According to the official West Midlands Facebook page, the video was taken at an industrial estate in Birmingham. It can be seen how an unknown guy scared away robber Haiwa Ezzeddine Mohammed.

Machete vs a piece of wood

Apparently, the man arrived early for work and encountered 35-year-old Mohammed and his group – who have just stolen £15,000 worth of cigarettes and a safe.

Mohammed was spotted in the footage trying to open the safe by repeatedly smashing it against a post and was obviously displeased that a witness saw them. He then tried to intimidate the man by getting his machete from the car but much to his surprise, the man managed to pick up a piece of wood from the ground and fought back.

The frightened burglar had to run for his life, despite being armed with a blade.
Watch the video here to see how it all happened:

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Eventually, authorities were able to trace the vehicle and found the tools used by the burglars, along with some cash and Viagra tablets. Despite Mohammed’s denial, the judge found him guilty.

“We traced Mohammed’s car and on Monday he was jailed for four years,” West Midlands confirmed.

Meanwhile, PC PC Mat Evans of the Birmingham Police pointed out:

“We are nominating him for a police bravery award. Not only did he demonstrate incredible bravery in defending himself, but his evidence was vital to pulling the whole case together to secure a conviction against a violent crook.”

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